This is written specifically for those who are  seriously considering relocating to the Garden Route...


The quality of life here is undoubtedly better. There is a fair amount of petty crime and as this increases people are being forced to become more vigilant.

Strangers tend to be more friendly; smiling as you walk the dog and stopping to pass the time of day. Emphasis is placed more on enjoying the surroundings and, out of season, the special offers made by restaurants so that they can keep  going till the next onslaught of visitors.

Life is generally more “gentle”!

Shopping is good; most shops stock a fair range and if they do not have the size, colour etc that you require they will order it for you. There is very little that you can’t buy in the food and beverage line and prices compare favourably to those elsewhere. Insurance costs are far less and other services comparative. One tends to make more of healthy outdoor living such as forest walks, fishing and days on the beach.


Probably the most significant fact is that of salaries. They are low here compared to those in Gauteng and lower than other main centres too. Companies here are either smaller or are branches of bigger businesses and so their turnovers are smaller as well as their budgets. Job opportunities are also limited and finding a position that really suits you can take time, so you need to be able to fund yourself until this happens.The cost of housing is very high, particularly in Plett and Knysna and this should be borne in mind when deciding where to locate. 

People here are friendly but the transition from a big city to a small town can take time. Because life is generally “slower” here it can cause irritation and you sometimes have to make a concerted effort to join the local wavelength!


Summer weather is generally wonderful but in winter it is often overcast and raining, although the winter weather here is certainly considered better than that of Cape Town.  Seasons are late: summer really only happens around early December but the lovely long days carry on well into May and the best months are often March to May.

To sum up, the Garden Route is not the place to make your millions!  Unless you have your own business – and there are some very successful entrepreneurs here – you will need to cut your cloth according to what you earn and gain satisfaction in other areas such as lifestyle, family life, more security and the simple enjoyment of the beauty surrounding you.

You will probably join clubs that you had never considered joining, take part in events that have never been part of your agenda, worry less about the latest fashions and whether you are driving the latest model vehicles, and concern yourself more with a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Finally, you may initially be homesick but as the months go by more and more of your city slicker friends will want to visit you, and when they do they’ll rave about your lifestyle here and talk about relocating as well!

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